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SeaGate Yacht Club By Laws


The following clarfication was made to the DUES definition by vote of the board on February 01, 2011.

"The fee for an annual membership is $125. An annual membership includes up to two adults residing in the household and all children of the adult residents who are under 21 years of age and are residing in the household.

The membership fee offsets the general operating expenses of SGYC, including such things as insurance, SCYA membership, nametags (one per person covered under the membership), quarterly newsletter (one per membership), burgees for new members (one per membership), member roster (one per membership), website hosting, etc.

Each membership may cast one vote on any votes of the SGYC membership, and entitles all those covered under the membership to, among other things, pay the member price for each SGYC event attended. If a member resides with no other persons such that no other persons will benefit from the membership, SGYC will reduce the annual membership fee for that member by $30."